The World's Newest Cannulation Device Designed for Easy Vascular Access and Strong Fistulas

The Ark: Cannulate with Confidence

When vascular access is difficult, cannulation can be stressful. The Ark is a state-of-the-art medical device designed to provide a palpable target, allowing easy access to the patient’s arteriovenous (AV) fistula. Its innovative porous design and lightweight titanium structure are intended to integrate into the patient’s tissue, supporting the vein.

One Stick. No Miss

Hemodialysis requires access to the patient’s vein to clear the blood of toxins and excess fluid. However, cannulation can be difficult in some patients, requiring multiple attempted entries into the patient’s AV fistula that can cause injury.

The Ark is designed to simplify cannulation. Using the Ark, cannulators are guided to find the palpable target on the patient’s arm and insert the needle easily into the patient’s AV fistula.

The Ark Advantage​

3D Printed Porous Titanium Alloy

The Ark utilizes 3D technology to create a porous device made from titanium alloy, designed to:

Accommodates Enlarging Vessels

The Ark’s two-part device allows it to split apart, designed to enable AVF maturation. The top part of the Ark is the palpable “access window,” with an ample opening for vascular access. The bottom part of the Ark was designed as a shield to stop deep needle infiltration that can cause infection, blood loss through the back wall of the vein, and fistula damage.

The Ark’s two-part structure is designed to allow the device to split apart when the vein enlarges, matures, dilates, grows, and expands inside the channel. It aims to keep the vein from compressing in the back wall and prevent back wall infiltration.

Palpable Target

The Ark is an implanted device requiring a short surgical procedure. Cannulators should be able to quickly locate it by feeling the palpable area around the AV fistula.

Comes in Different Diameters

The Ark is not a one-size-fits-all. It comes in multiple sizes to accommodate patients with different medical needs. Surgeons determine which Ark to recommend to patients.

While the Ark comes in different diameters, the access window is the same for all models. The Ark’s length remains three centimeters, allowing cannulators to have the same cannulation experience when performing various cannulation methods, including the Rope Ladder technique.

Experience the Ark

The Ark provides an accessible target for cannulation, aiming to prevent vein damage and improve the patient experience during hemodialysis.

A Breakthrough in Cannulation


A Simple Solution

Surgeons can recommend the Ark as an efficient solution for cannulation.

Designed for Easy Vascular Target

The Ark is designed to provide a palpable and accessible vascular target, simplifying the process, saving time, and restoring confidence during cannulation.

Aimed to Provide a Better Experience

The Ark is designed to allow easy and efficient cannulation for improved patient experience during hemodialysis.

Designed for a Strong and Healthy Fistula

Complications from multiple and deep needle infiltration can cause damage to the fistula during cannulation. The more times the vein is poked with a needle, the weaker it gets.

Deep needle infiltration during cannulation can lead to blood loss at the back of the vein. Sticking the needle multiple times to locate and access the AVF can damage the vessel wall, resulting in bleeding and patient discomfort.
The Ark’s innovative and palpable design provides a target for locating the AVF, designed to prevent multiple needle sticks and protect the vein during cannulation. The back wall of the Ark is built to shield the vein from deep needle infiltration that can lead to severe fistula damage.

Simple Solution. Easy Cannulation

The Ark aims to standardize cannulation across dialysis centers, including home dialysis, by providing a revolutionary device designed to support efficient cannulation and healthy fistulas.
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